LDRAunit, LDRA's class leading unit test tool, provides a complete integrated framework for the automated generation and management of unit tests. This solution maximises test throughput and repeatability to significantly increase overall test benefit. In turn this frees up developers to focus on ensuring that the functionality of software under development has been implemented correctly, including the appropriate error handling. Software development managers seeking to develop the highest quality code are turning to unit testing to avoid the potential delays caused by postponing the discovery and correction of defects until the system test cycle.

LDRA's Unit Testing Features:

  • Automated test driver / harness generation with no manual scripting requirement
  • High levels of test throughput via the intuitive graphical and command line interface options
  • Sophisticated automated analysis facilities which reduce test effort, freeing up developers and empowering testers
  • Storage and maintenance of test data and results for fully automated regression analysis
  • Automated detection and documentation of source code changes
  • Tool driven test vector generation
  • Facilitates execution of tests in host, target and simulator environments
  • Automated generation of test case documentation including pass/fail and regression analysis reports

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