Internet of Things Analytics -- IoTA

Do you know what your connected customers are doing right now?

Most manufacturers know more about casual visitors to their website than about customers using their products. Using Internet Analytics, Companies can tell what visitors are looking for (and what they aren't), where they came from, how long they stay on any particular link and where they went next... and those are the most basic, basic details.

What if you could have all of that information for your Internet of Things initiatives? What if someone could capture customer experience metrics from your existing embedded products and direct them to your existing analytics software?

Motomic can make it happen really fast.

Small library with embedded app on device;

  • C, C++, Embedded Java, anything.
  • The transport can be IPV4, IPV6, Zigbee, 6Lowpan, SNAP,...anything.
  • Device can have GUI, mechanical UI, no UI.
  • Analytics can be any off-the-shelf application or service; Google Analytics, Omniture, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, proprietary, Opensource.
  • Extremely flat, server-based licensing.

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