Barracuda Application Server

The Barracuda Application Server is much more than an embedded web server. Our flagship product bundles all of the components and tools needed to easily and efficiently build fast, graphically rich and dynamic web applications for embedded devices. The Barracuda Application Server brings together everything you need, as a complete package, to produce applications used in industrial and building control, military, medical, and consumer products. Choosing Barracuda Application Server as your development tool will save time, cost, and frustration when developing your embedded web applications. This all in one bundle is the answer to your development headaches.

Traditional enterprise software tool suites can't meet development needs for speed and size in resource-constrained devices. You need tools that are optimized for embedded web application development.

Barracuda Application Server or BAS for short is an embeddable "C" source code library. We support many platforms from deep embedded devices and firmware to Windows and Linux.

Barracuda Application Server lets you add rich, smartphone-like graphical applications and Human-to-Machine interfaces to differentiate your embedded devices from those of your competitors.

Web Server vs. Application Server: What's the Difference?

For many embedded developers, web application development is a whole new ball game. Common misperceptions about device-level web development can result in the selection of the wrong choice of development tools which causes frustration and delayed projects.

Barracuda Application Server Components Interactive Diagram

Barracuda Application Server

Barracuda Application Server Components List:

  • Barracuda Web Server
  • SharkSSL (Embedded SSL/TLS Client & Server)
  • Lua Server Pages (LSP)
  • C Server Pages (CSP)
  • PikeHTTP (Client HTTPS Library)
  • SMTP Client
  • SOAP Web Services
  • WebDAV File Server
  • EventHandler (WebSockets)
  • High-Level Secure Sockets
  • Database Plug-In

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