The Barracuda Web Server is an industrial-strength, small embeddable web server engine that is optimized for compact, deeply embedded devices. When embedded in remote-monitoring and control-management applications, Barracuda Web Server manages secure HTTP connections for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and Human-to-Machine (H2M) interfaces. With C/C++ Server Pages (CSP) included, this fast, small web server delivers dynamic web applications, enabling live updating of secure data by authenticated connection.

Full Support for Key Standards and Protocols

The Barracuda Web Server and its plug-ins support the following standards and RFCs:

RFC 1321
RFC 1867
RFC 1929
RFC 2246
RFC 2518
RFC 2617
RFC 3268
RFC 3986
RFC 4492
RFC 1864
RFC 1928
RFC 2109
RFC 2396
RFC 2616
RFC 3076
RFC 3629
RFC 4346
RFC 4918

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