The M2M Framework is a range of solutions with everything from the microcontroller device software to the backend web application server infrastructure. Unlike traditional M2M software, Real Time Logic's complete framework lets you add M2M to any microcontroller or device with minimal software footprint, keeping your communication channels secure, real time, and always connected, thus keeping the device and backend application server communication responsive and secure.

Web applications on the frontend of the application server translate the captured device event whether it be a motion, temperature change, or something else into usable information such as "there is a security breach," "temperature exceeds limit," or "restock Diet Coke." Although the communication goes machine-to-machine, the frontend web application give humans the information needed to directly interact with the connected devices via the application server. Application servers like this can typically manage thousands of connected devices, serving as an excellent way for humans to manage and coordinate a tremendous amount of mundane information.

Real Time Logic's M2M framework helps you design an M2M Device Client for your microcontroller-based device that can then connect to any type of backend web-service. For the most limited applications involving microcontrollers with limited memory and resources, PikeHTTP, a very fast and small HTTP client library, proves an ideal way to create a communication channel from the device to the backend server. SharkSSL, an SSL/TLS stack, secures all communication. When linked, you have the fundamentals you need to easily design M2M applications that connect to the backend server technology supporting M2M web-services.

What is M2M?

Simply put, M2M (machine to machine) involves one machine talking to another. Typically, this communication takes place between one microcontroller-based device (e.g., a sensor, meter, camera, etc.) through a network (e.g., wireless, wired, or hybrid) to an M2M application server's backend web services.

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