smx RTOS

SMX® is a no royalty, modular, multitasking Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) specifically designed for Embedded System Application Development.

Cost Reduction: Minimizing OS footprint and maximizing performance creates significant cost reductions. In many cases resulting in ratios of 3:1 reductions of BOM .

Non-Complex Licensing: SMX Proprietary OS software eliminates concerns over issues such as GPL, code contamination, copyright concerns, and application security.

Performance: Use of SMX allows for blazing boot speed, increased through-put, and operation in true Real-Time allowing the application to run under the most favorable conditions for performance and power consumption efficiency.

Developer Friendly: SMX provides ANSI C Source Code which is highly portable, well documented, and contains an array of non-complex API operations for the most sophisticated developer's ease of use and control, thereby reducing project schedules and increasing time to market.

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