smx RTOS


Special Features

3-level Control Structure

  • Unique (ISR/LSR/Task) architecture permits optimum control.
  • Deterministic Task Switching
  • Deferred Interrupt Processing

Sophisticated Messaging System

  • Built upon sending messages to Exchanges.
  • Message Prioritization Utility
  • Message Safety via use of message control blocks.

One-Shot Tasks

  • Reduce RAM Usage
  • Fine Grained vs. Coarse Grained Task Structure
  • Increased Performance due to utilization of on-chip SRAM
  • Minimize the harmful effects that long I/O latencies have on control performance.
  • Remove endemic problems for real-time control systems such as sampling and latency jitters.

smx® Kernel, of course, also provides the customary task management, memory management, semaphores, mutexes, event management, I/O timing, and miscellaneous special purpose functions.

Breadth of Core Architecture Support

  • Ease of migration from evaluation board to custom target.
  • Well defined porting layers for supporting new processors.
  • Out-of-the-Box Experience
  • Decades of evolution in supporting numerous processors with the considerable variety of ways in which interrupts, traps, timers, memory, console, boot, and exit are handled.
  • Extensive Middleware Support for Device Peripherals

Board Support Packages

  • BSP Start-up Code and Device Drivers
  • Tool Support
  • BSP Notes
  • smxBSP™ API
  • Available for Mainstream Evaluation Boards

smx® kernel Brochure

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