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Instant Voice & Video for any Platform

With the InstaV2IP™ family of products, you can add voice & video ("V2IP") capabilities to virtually any device or application. Available pre-optimized for select platforms or with full source code for porting to any platform, InstaV2IP provides a robust voice & video core with a flexible API which allows customization into nearly any end product.

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Two Distinct Offerings:

InstaV2IP Mobile

A full binary SDK release allows InstaV2IP Mobile to be used on several Android based platforms from Telechips, Inc. The SDK comes ready to help the developer build a full featured video application using the Telechips™ platform as its base. Included in this SDK are highly optimized audio and video drivers that work specifically with the Telechips™ platform to avoid latency normally present within the Google Android™ OS.

InstaV2IP Embedded

A full C source code release allows InstaV2IP Embedded to be used on virtually any platform. Simply porting the Fusion Common Layer (FCL) abstraction to a platform's RTOS/OS, network stack, and file system (optional), and implementing audio/video driver channels for the platform's audiovisual hardware is all that is necessary to start making voice & video calls.

Video Engine:

Fully-Integrated, Comprehensive V2IP Development Solution.The Fusion Video Engine, coupled with the Fusion Voice Engine, offers a complete voice & video solution on any platform, designed to be easily embedded into new or existing applications such as Video Callboxes, Softphone Apps with Video Support, and more. The Video Engine plays a crucial role within the InstaV2IP family of products.

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